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As a contract manufacturer, we specialize in manufacturing industrial electronics of all kinds. However, we are widely known for the manufacturing of quality LED products around Finland. We have renewed our production entirely with fully automated machinery and equipments, allowing us to manufacture highly efficient LED boards and increase productivity.

Currently, we are able to products LED boards up to 1500 mm in length and produce about hundreds of thousands boards annually. LEDs manufactured by us are exported and used all around the world. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and the increase in our long-term customer relationships over the years prove that we have been successful in delivering a high quality and reliable service. We offer consultations to all our customers in productivity and product development.

mm in length
% customer satisfaction

Expert Industrial Electronics Contract Manufacturer

Elektroval Oy is a Finnish industrial electronics contract manufacturer, with an extensive experience of over 20 years. After listing as an independent company in 2014, we have extended our services in various industries around Finland such as forestry, chemicals, engineering, automation, and mechanical processing industries.

We have also been making continuous efforts towards sustainability and green production for the past few years. We have been using green electricity in our production which is 98% more sustainable than regular electricity as well as have switched 100% reusable packaging.

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Do you have an idea of a LED light or do you want to have a customized LED board according to your specifications? Let's design it together and we will manufacture it for you. Book your first consultation today and our experienced experts will assist you along the journey of bringing your ideas to reality.

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