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Wide Range of Manufacturing Services

Elektroval’s staff is equipped with great knowledge and understanding of industrial electronics and utilizes that to develop the most suitable product according to the customer needs. We believe in being a long-term partner for our customers and a constant support in their production needs.

LED Lighting

We can manufacture any and every type of LED board according to your needs and specifications. The PCB materials in use for our boards range from FR4, CEM3, and Aluminium. We are mounting millions of LEDs per month and also design and manufacture our own testers for each LED board to ensure 100% functionality. We have several different types of PCB separators suitable for all kinds of LED board forms.

We can also do the final assembly for the LED lights and deliver the final product to our customers or directly to the final customer. We also have our 100% reusable packaging system which we use for all our products for delivery.

Do you have an idea for a LED light, or do you want to improve your current LED products? Contact us and we will make it happen for you.


Industrial Electronics

We are highly capable of manufacturing from most traditional to highly modern industrial electronics. We provide flexible high quality manufacturing and precise assembling services from the smallest electronic component available in the market to the largest ones.

We offer various manufacturing processes for our customers including:

  • SMD assembly
  • Wave soldering and hand soldering (lead free/leaded)
  • Automatic varnishing
  • Visual camera inspection
  • Mechanical assembly, testing, and final assembly

Have a product idea? Want to upgrade an existing product? Reach out to us and we will make it come true.

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