About us


Highest quality electronics in the Nordics

The mission of Elektroval Oy is to manufacture highest quality electronic components and provide value in delivering electronics manufacturing services by competitive pricing, high quality and excellent customer support. Our aim is to achieve such a level of production capability and efficiency that we can technically implement even the most demanding customer solutions at a very competitive price.

We have a highly functional quality policy in place to ensure the maintenance and development of manufacturing standards. The goal is to continuously improve productivity and competitiveness based on efficient processes developed and maintained by our professional staff. The vision of providing high quality services led us to acquire our first quality certificate ISO 9001 within the first year of operations.

A green production in Finland

We also focus on environmental sustainability and push towards a green production. We have taken many small and big steps in improving the sustainability at the company, some of which includes moving to 100% use of green electricity in the production, reusing 95% of packaging, recycling 90% of the waste, and limiting the use of paper for only significant purposes.

We also introduced a sustainability management cycle in 2020 to track process optimization, reduce waste, and increase production capacity. In addition, we have decided to start incorporating solar energy in our operations by the end of 2022 allowing us to take the next step towards being “Carbon positive”.